LTO Road, Barangay Real, Calamba City, Laguna
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Alpha Laboratory Calamba Philippines Corporation provides a wide variety of organic and inorganic analyses in support to a number of regulatory programs of the DOH and the DENR. Major programs for which we provide analytical services are:

  1. Water Quality Guidelines for Primary, Secondary Parameters – Inorganics and Metals per DENR Administrative Order No.08, s.2016.
  2. Effluent Standards per DENR Administrative Order No. 08,s.2016.
  3. DOH Administrative Order No. 0010 series of 2017 Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water of 2017 (PNSDW 2017)

Field and Locational Services

Alphalab can provide field sampling services, sampling materials support, and sample pickup. We coordinate closely with our customers prior to the event of sampling. Alphalab also provide test and locational sampling to as far as NCR, Region III, and Region V.

Customer Support Services

Our emphasis is on establishing a one-on-one relationship with each of our customers. We accomplish this by: identifying all test requirements prior to sample receipt, closely monitoring the sample as it moves through the lab, and pro-actively keeping the customers informed of the status of their test. Services that can be expected from Alphalab include:

  1. Sample bottles and shipping containers
  2. Complete chain of custody
  3. Rapid turn-around time
  4. Custom report formats
  5. Report delivery thru our field service staff, by FAX, e-mail, and/or courier
  6. QC deliverable packages – standard or customized
  7. Legally defensible data
  8. Technical support
  9. Confidentiality
  10. Support personnel who put the customer First
  11. A pleasant experience