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Message From The President

Given by Engr. Romeo A. Manguino, President of Alphalab
Friday, 27th of October 2017

Good morning. Let me start by greeting the entire Alphalab family a Happy 15th ‎Anniversary.

Alphalab is already celebrating its crystal year today, and is still continuously soaring high.   We thank the Lord for his continuous sustenance in those difficult years when I started this small water laboratory at Doña Raymunda Building in Tibag Calamba together with my family and in-laws.

Alphalab supposedly celebrated its 15th year last July 2017 but we moved the celebration today to doubly mark the grand opening of our new building.  This new building will mark our testament,  our thanksgiving,  a milestone that is worth celebrating not only for my family but also to all the components of Alphalab workforce,  you are my family indeed!

The celebration of our 15th  year of corporate existence cannot be any sweeter, considering the positive turnaround‎ which Alphalab has managed to pull off in recent years within such a brief period.   Our Operations Manager have made mentioned of our Environmental Laboratory Recognition with the DENR in just a short period of time.  We will work more to be able to expand our capabilities not only in the environmental testing,   but also in other laboratory testing fields to better serve our industry in Calamba,  and the whole Phillippines in general.   The significant accomplishments of Alphalab are witnessed by our loyal customers who are still with us since we started,  and the increasing numbers of them (customers) who are also celebrating with us today.

To all the leaders ng the Government of Calamba,  we thank you also for allowing us to grow in this community of multi-national giants.  Alphalab will continue to soar to the highest with your continuous care and assistance.

My prayer for this 15th year anniversary of Alphalab, is for Alphalab to always strive for excellence,  and to always put the customer as our first priority.  Let us provide them the best services,  and the highest quality of analysis we could give.  I commit that as Alphalab continue to grow,  so we will our respective household will grow.

Alphalab is built in the love of the Lord,  so we will continue with His continuous guidance.

Long live Alphalab,  and salute to all the members of Alphalab family.

Engr. Romeo A. Manguino
Founder and President